Ski Condo


Where are all my CO skiers at?! How many of you have looked for a condo to stay for the weekend and just looking at the pics made you age about 30 years? Seriously. It feels like you’re stepping into the 90s - forest green and mauve decor with some old cross country skis in a nice ‘X’ above the sofa. Not my idea of a vacation rental. And luckily, not my client’s idea either. They wanted a place to get away that combined modern + mountains. They gave me permission to leave the rustic stuff behind. So, that’s what we did.

Living Room 2.jpg

We freshened up the entire place with new paint and additional lighting. Painting the kitchen cabinets helped modernize the overall feel of the condo by getting rid of the wood tones and replacing it with two different colored cabinetries. One of my favorite spots in the entire condo is the open shelving we installed in the kitchen. I swear by accessories (that are done well!). They add SO many textures and layers that make a room feel more stylish but still home-y. Agree? We also put in two pendant lights to add a modern twist and help separate the kitchen from the living area.

Kitchen 5.jpg
Kitchen 4.jpg
ski condo vertical collage 1.jpg
Kitchen 6.jpg

If you’ve read my reveals before, you know that I usually find one special something for a project that ends up driving the rest of the design. For this project, it was these cool ski pictures. They are so modern with all the white space but they also add pops of every color imaginable. I debated doing up this whole condo in neutrals (I can’t get enough of them!) but these pics were the game changer. They inspired the bold colors throughout the rest of the condo!

Living Room 1.jpg
Living Room 4.jpg
Living Room 5.jpg

Like I mentioned, each project usually has one piece that inspires the entire project… what I haven’t mentioned is that there is usually (at least!) one piece that becomes the pain of the project. In this case, it was the sofa. We wanted to maximize seating in this room without it feeling crowded. I felt a sectional was our best option. Little did I know what a limited selection there is for sofa sleepers of this size. Obviously, we ended up finding one that totally did the trick. Whew. We added some fun, colorful pillows to soften it up even more.

Living Room 2.jpg

The master bedroom and bathroom got a makeover as well. Both bedrooms in this unit are fairly small, so we used a platform bed with built-in nightstands to save on space. The statement piece in this room became the rug and we filled in the rest with an amazing mirror, some greenery, and a couple of cool pics from the mountains.

Master Bedroom 1.jpg
Master Bedroom 3.jpg
Master Bedroom 4.jpg

The biggest change in the bathroom was the lighting. We switched it up and used pendants instead of wall lighting. I love the look of these glass ones and they helped to bring the modern feeling of the bedroom into the bathroom.

Ski Condo Vertical Collage-3.jpg

On the opposite side of the condo is the second bedroom and main bathroom. I have a lot of favorite pieces that I’ve used in decorating projects over the years, but can anything really top this moose head?!? I think not. It is my new fave!! We painted this wall darker to really make this moose pop, and I love the way it turned out. This guy is the epitome of modern + mountains. The only thing that’s missing is a name. We’re open to suggestions in the comments below! :) Although this room would have been cool enough with just our moose, we kicked it up a notch with two pendant lights above the nightstands and some accessories to pull it all together. This room also has a wall mounted TV in case you need to send the littles in there to watch their own show.

Second Bedroom 1.jpg
Ski Condo Vertical Collage-5.jpg

So, that completes the tour of my first VRBO remodel. What a crazy, fun project it was. The Nybergs are some of my most favorite and longest clients and I was thrilled when they asked me to be a part of this project. If you haven’t seen their own home, you can check that out here:

And I can’t call this reveal post complete if I don’t show you some before/after shots! Click on the arrow to see what this condo looked like before its makeover.

If you’re looking for a CUTE place to stay in Keystone, CLICK HERE TO BOOK YOUR STAY at the Nyberg’s condo!