Bring style home.


Basil + Tate offers a complete room design service that helps you create a beautiful space to share with your friends and family.  Whether you have a new home, you are remodeling a fixer upper, or simply wanting to update a room, Basil + Tate can help.  I'll save you time by making the entire process less work, less stressful, and less intimidating.  My goal is to make you feel like you’re working with a friend so that I get to know you and can create a look that is tailored to your style.  



Here's a peek at what the design process entails:


The first, and most important step of the entire process is the initial on-site consultation. This is where you and I sit down and I get a chance to know you, your space, and your lifestyle a bit more. Pictures and Pinterest boards are always a helpful way to help communicate your vision. During this time, we also talk about budgets and timelines and I take measurements of your space. We chat a lot and I ask a lot of questions to ensure that I have all of the information I need to begin designing a space that is reflective of you.  


Two to three weeks after the initial consultation, I will meet with you again to present your design boards. These will include all of the major design elements needed to make your new space come to life. Depending on the project, these can include furniture, window coverings, artwork, wall decor, paint colors, lighting, flooring, countertops, etc. After the presentation, you get a couple days to really try and envision your new space, and if needed, let me know if we need to make any revisions.

design board example.jpg


Once everything is in, it's time for the magic to happen. You get to kick back and relax (without peeking!) while I style your room - place furniture, hang window coverings and artwork, and accessorize. (This is also the time when I will take the opportunity to photograph your new space. This gives us both a chance to show off our collaborative creative efforts and how we have effectively transformed your space into something we're both proud of.)

The reveal

Once everything is perfectly in its place, it will be time for you to see your new space. If all goes well... it will be just like the TV shows - you'll jump up and down crying because it's the most beautiful room you've ever seen! Okay... maybe it won't be that dramatic, but hopefully your jaw will at least drop as you see your new space for the first time. After that, it's yours to enjoy!  

Design Fees

Every project is unique and therefore my design fees are too.  I'd love to come out, introduce myself, take a peek at your space(s), and talk about your needs.  If you are ready to take that first step, please click the button below and fill out a quick form.  I'll be in contact with you soon!    

Minimum project design fee is $1500.