Six Fix - Fall Edition


Fall is my favorite season. I know I’m not alone. The trees, the smells, the comfort foods. I. Love. It. All. I used to deck out my house every season but those efforts are on hold for a few years while we’re in the midst of this busy season in life. Instead, I always look for a few ways to incorporate the season by using containers I already have and simply swapping out a few things - flowers and fruit can go a long way! Here are six of my favorite, simple ways to celebrate that can be used in September, October, and November!

Six Fix Fall.jpg

One of the easiest ways to enjoy the season is to have a bowl of seasonal fruit on your kitchen counter or table. I love the look of these wood bowls for fall because they feel a little more rustic and help bring that cozy feel of fall indoors. However, these bowls are cute enough to be used all year long. Buy one that works for your table or countertop and simply swap the fruit out with the seasons.


Even those of us loving the neutral colors trend can appreciate some pops of reds and oranges when they come from nature! If you don’t have a colorful tree nearby to clip some real branches, here are a few others that will last longer. :) Again, buy a vase you love and use it all year round with seasonal stems! (I’m bummed THESE cute stems are no longer available… boo!)

3. Mums

Mums are everywhere this time of year in so many beautiful colors. Swap out some of your dying summer plants with these fall favorites and your front porch will be elevated instantly. Don’t have any summer pots? Here are a few cute ones!

4. Candles

I LOVE candles and the fall scented ones are by FAR my favorite! There’s just nothing better than burning one in the evening to wind down for the day. I get paranoid about what my house smells like so I always have a plug-in fragrance on at all times, too. If essential oils are your thing, I’m sure Pinterest has a million fall oil blends you could try as well.

5. Front Porch Rugs

Layered rugs are all the rage. If you haven’t done so already, maybe it’s time to invest in a couple! There are so many cute combinations… and so many with clever lil’ sayings that have your house guests chuckling before they even come in your door. Obviously, when purchasing a set, make sure that the bottom rug is several inches larger than the top rug to create a wide border around the smaller rug. (BTW… I’m dying over the ‘Did you text first?’ and the ‘shoes off, homie’. They are SO me! I don’t know which is worse, the ‘shoes, off homie’ doormat or my children chasing down every person who doesn’t take their shoes off yelling, ‘We don’t wear shoes in our house!” Haha! #truth)

6. Wreaths

Good wreaths are worth the investment! Ugly ones are not. :) And there are a LOT of UGLY wreaths out there. I tend to like simple wreaths that aren’t packed full of 72 different types of fillers. No fake pumpkins, please. I like them to look as natural as possible.

I hope this gives you a few ideas for incorporating the beauty of fall into your home. Always remember though… you don’t have to do all of them to enjoy the season. Keep it simple. Find one or two things that make you happy and then cuddle up with your loved ones… that’s the very best way to celebrate the season!