Nyberg Project Reveal - Master Suite


As promised, I have the latest round of pics from The Nyberg Project to reveal today!  Raise your hand if you remember waaaay back when I posted the design boards for their master suite?!  Nobody?! What!! :) Then it’s your lucky day! ;)

This house has been one of my favorite projects to date. My clients love neutrals like I do, so we carried that same light, airy feel into the master bedroom. The inspo for this room came when I found and fell in love with the bedding. When decorating with layers of neutrals, it becomes essential to add texture wherever you can. Otherwise the room just looks really plain. This bedding is full of so many great textures!

nyberg vertical collage 1.jpg

Once we decided on the bedding, we picked a new bedroom set. We opted to not use the bed that came with this set so that it didn’t look too matchy-matchy and so that we could add some softness with the upholstered headboard. One of the trickiest parts of this room came with two really large, empty walls - neither of which would have been justified with a wide, low dresser. So, we thought outside of the box and decided to put two tall dressers next to each other! This eliminated the need for a large piece of art (since we already had a gallery wall planned on the adjacent wall) and created a fun space to accessorize.


I’m always a sucker for adding wood tones to a room, and this space was no exception. I love this desk with the gallery wall above - and those wood tones helped to warm up all of the grays and other neutrals. The white space of these frames make such a stylish statement, too. The tree rings above the bed and the bench at the end of the bed helped to tie in the lighter, more natural colors of the wood.

nyberg vertical collage 2.jpg

Moving on to their master bathroom… it’s huge. And it was really empty. Which made it feel even bigger. So, my top priority was to fill the space with large pieces. We used a round ottoman and a fun rug to help fill the middle of the room and then I found the perfect cabinet to take up some serious wall space. This is one of my favorite pieces in their whole house because it gave me such a fun place to accessorize with all of the fun things I don’t typically have space for in a bathroom - jars of bath salts, sponges, branches! It made their bathroom feel a bit more like a spa than home!

nyberg vertical collage 3.jpg
nyberg vertical collage 4.jpg

Whew! That catches us up on the Nyberg Project! We are just in the process of finishing up their ski condo, so stay tuned for pics of that! (And get your calendars ready so you can book your ski weekend in Keystone this winter!) We went the total opposite direction and there is more color between the walls of that condo than any project I’ve ever worked on! Coming soon! :)