Nyberg Project Reveal - Guest Room


Well, this post is LONG overdue but I couldn’t let these pretty pics get lost in my 50,000+ photos in the cloud!  Those of you who have been following along for awhile may recognize this home from The Nyberg Project. They were one of my first (and favorite… and still are) clients.  They called me about a week after moving into their new home and didn’t hardly have a piece of furniture to sit on. They have since entrusted me to design their living room, kitchen, formal dining, entryway, mudroom, home office, guest bedroom and bathroom, staircase, and master suite.  We are just finishing up their ski condo in Keystone and then it’s on to their daughter’s room. So… pretty obvious why they’re some of my faves, huh?! :) Ha! Even aside from all the biz they have given me, I adore them and am so thankful our paths crossed!

They live about an hour from me so my trips up there are scarce.  Hence, why it took me a year to finally get these spaces photographed!  But… I did, and I’m excited to share them.


First up is their guest bedroom. The entire main floor is filled with a gorgeous neutral color palette so we carried that into this main floor bedroom as well. We went with a modern Colorado theme here to welcome their guests and to show off the [freaking amazing] state we live in. When I originally designed this room I intended for the walls to be a really dark gray so we would get some high contrast with all of the furniture and accessories. However, once we finished it up we loved the brightness of the room with white walls and the layers of light neutrals. What are your thoughts… white walls or dark gray? (I’d love to hear in the comments below!)

nyberg guest room vertical collage 1.jpg

I’ve always been a fan of quotes and typography so this wood sign trend has been a favorite of mine... and this ‘Stay Awhile’ sign needed a place in this guest bedroom. These wood signs are everywhere but they are so versatile. They work really well with farmhouse decor but you can see how the sign took on its own style here in this modern bedroom.


This bedroom had a little ‘nook’ in it that would work great for a TV or a dresser, but my clients didn’t feel the need for either of those in the guest bedroom (No TV to decorate around?? THANK YOU!) so we seized the opportunity to put up some shelving and accessories that helped make the room a bit more ‘home-y’. To balance out the space we used two poufs that can easily be moved around for seating in the room if needed. Or they can just sit there and look cute. Either way. :)

nyberg guest room vertical 2.jpg

A lamp, a cute nightstand, and some Aspen branches helped complete this space. It’s already been tested and approved by friends and family that have come to stay, so that makes this room a success, right?!

nyberg guest room vertical 3.jpg

Next to the guest room is a bathroom. It’s nearly impossible to get a good picture of a small space with no natural lighting, but here’s a little peek into that space.


Before we make our way upstairs (post coming soon), I want to show off their entryway and landing area on the staircase. They have crazy tall ceilings and windows in this space. I wanted to try something a little more creative so we used pictures ledges to create a gallery wall - but to add some extra interest, we mixed up the frames by resting some on the ledges and hung some of the others on the wall. I love the extra dimension that gave the gallery and I love how the little succulents added both a pop of green to the space as well as some softness with all of the straight lines. It doesn’t hurt that they have beautiful family pictures to top it all off! Tip: When creating a gallery wall, use black and white pics so the colors don’t get too busy. If you do want colorful pics, use pics from the same photo shoot so that the colors repeat.

nyberg guest room vertical 4.jpg

So that wraps up the main floor of the Nyberg Project. Their home office didn’t get its picture taken… boo. That’s what I get for coming up a year later and letting them live in it. I didn’t figure they would probably appreciate me ruffling through all of their paperwork to clear the space for pics. Sigh. It’s super cute, too, though… I swear! :)

Stay tuned for another blog post featuring their master suite!