Thanksgiving Tablescape


ALERT!  It is November!  When did that happen?  It seems like this time of year goes by at lightning speed! There are never enough hours in the day to be ahead of the game or enjoy all the season has to offer.  Even if I get ahead... the next thing I know... I am behind.  Life is BUSY.  For all of us.  No matter what season we are in.  

SOURCE:  via Pinterest

SOURCE: via Pinterest


If you’re like me, you get these grand ideas for holiday decorating (thank you, Pinterest!) and then BAM... life happens… and you are left scrambling to get the bare minimum done before guests arrive.  

Here at B+T, we want to help you get prepared, so we’ve decided to do the leg work for you.  We’ve put together some simple ways to add that extra touch to your Thanksgiving table.  We’ve gathered some of our favorite tablescapes from Pinterest and broke them down for you. If you are trying to keep things simple, go with our ‘Less is More’ look. If you’re a firm believer that ‘More is More’, we have some ideas for you to kick your table up another notch or two. Your choice.  Your timeframe.

Less is More:

less is more.jpg

SOURCE: unknown via  Pinterest

SOURCE: unknown via Pinterest


So, let’s say that you have white dishes, cloth napkins, and white pumpkins.  If you are thinking you’d like to take your tablescape to another level, then here are some ideas that will help make your table incredibly inviting, super festive, and impatiently waiting your special guests!  Let’s start from the bottom up... 

More is More:


SOURCE:  Pottery Barn

SOURCE: Pottery Barn

If you’re like me, you like to find ways to add a little DIY to your decor. There are endless opportunities with this tablescape, but here are just a few of my faves:

SOURCES: lumber / burlap / white pumpkins / menu

1. Instead of using two long cutting boards, buy a piece of raw lumber. I am envisioning a 1”x8” piece of wood cut to 2/3 the length of the table. Finish it with a small amount of sanding and a stain color of your choice. When choosing a stain, it is important to pick a color that contrasts with the burlap runner.

2. Speaking of a burlap runner and continuing on with a DIY version of this tablescape… buy burlap from a fabric store. I know Hobby Lobby sells it and I am sure many other craft/fabric stores do, too. Determine your desired length and width and have at it. There are special ways to cut burlap… search for it on Pinterest and you will have loads of help! Also, instead of having words at the end of your burlap runner, tie the ends with a piece of twine in the middle of your overhang. (However, there are also tutorials for painting words on burlap as well.)

3. If you are having trouble finding white pumpkins or if you would like to be able to keep them from year to year, make white pumpkins from faux pumpkins! However, be SUPER careful to make them look as real as possible. Click on the pumpkins above for a great step-by-step tutorial.

4. Last, but not least… instead of putting a pumpkin at each place setting, create a menu to adorn the top of each plate. SO cute! The ‘Almost Makes Perfect’ blogger has a free printable option to get your personalized menu started!

If all else fails and you simply run out of time… just set the table. That in and of itself makes everything look a little more put together and adds a touch of elegance to this special day.

There you have it! We hope this helps make your month just a little easier and a lot less chaotic! Turkey anyone?



SOURCE: via  Rema and Selena

SOURCE: via Rema and Selena