The Blair Project - Master Bedroom Reveal


I am always so honored when a repeat client asks me to do another space for them.  That was the case with this master bedroom.  Earlier last year I had given their living room a facelift… remember this one?

before and after.png

After checking that room off the list, these adorable newlyweds were ready to tackle their master bedroom. We had created a modern + rustic look in their living room, so I wanted to create a space that flowed well with the work we had already done. My clients were up for anything. Their only request was that they wanted to convert their bed to a king size bed instead of a queen. We didn’t have a lot of space to begin with, so my biggest goal was to make their bed the obvious focal point of the room… which really translates to how many throw pillows will her husband be willing to put up with?! Ha!


With a king bed taking over the room, the biggest hurdle became how to make *everything* else count. The wall opposite the bed has free standing closets from floor to ceiling that were crucial to their killer clothing collections, and there wasn’t room on either side of the bed for nightstands or dressers, so we had to get creative. The first couple necessities were to paint and to replace the existing fan. The paint helped brighten up the room and make the whole space feel fresh again. Isn’t it amazing what a coat of paint can do - not just to the look of the room but to the feel of a room? It’s crazy. We also replaced the dated fan with a more modern one that compliments the modern look of their free standing closets.  


Being a master bedroom, I also wanted to have a place to showcase one of their GORGEOUS wedding pics. I tend to lean towards black and white photographs so it doesn’t feel too busy or compete against any other colors in the room. The painting on the opposite wall helped to tie in the blush accent color we used in the bedding.  


And then there’s the bench. A complete afterthought, believe it or not. It’s funny how things look so different on paper than they do in real life. I had created a floor plan of their room with the king size bed but had written off any sort of bench at the end of the bed. On paper, I was worried it was going to cramp the space and they would be stubbing their toes on it every time they walked around the bed. It was only when my client had sent me pics of her room ‘finished’ that I felt there was something missing. I found this bench, had her tape it off in her room, got her hub’s approval that he wouldn’t be cursing my name every day when he walked around it, and got it ordered. Best decision ever. I am so pleased with how much more complete the room looks with the addition of the bench and that it gave us a flat space to accessorize.  


This room proved to be a challenge in maximizing style with very minimal space, and I think we pulled it off! The room has more furniture in it than it did before but still feels bigger. I adore these clients and I’m so excited to get working on their third space - another bedroom - this spring!

before and after_master bedroom.png

A couple side notes:

First, I finally invested in a steamer. I’m a die hard ironer (as in I iron my 5 year old daughter’s clothes and now she asks me to iron her DOLL’S clothes!), so I was pretty reluctant to buy one. The bedding for this room was my first attempt at ever steaming anything and I was really pleased with how well it worked! The pic below shows the difference it was making on a linen duvet. I’ve used it on curtains a couple times since then and now I have mixed feelings. My biggest complaint is that the hose isn’t long enough to reach the tops of the curtain panels. I guess they do make a longer drapery hose for that purpose, but then I’m in another $65. So… do I buy that or buy a handheld one? Hmm? Any experts out there willing to weigh in?

before and after_steamer.png

Second, my clients bought a Helix mattress when they switched to a king size bed. They have had it for a few months now and can’t say enough good about it. I was the crazy designer who asked to lay on their bed while I was there accessorizing and it seemed great. We’re in the market for a new bed, so I’m wondering if any of you have bought one of these mattresses - or something similar - Purple, Casper, Leesa??? I’d love to hear your thoughts!