Master Bedroom Design Boards


The Nyberg Project has been going strong for over a year now.  I’ve professed my love of this project many times before and that just continues to grow with each new project. To date, we have completed their living room, formal dining, kitchen, mudroom, entryway, grand staircase, and guest bedroom. We are currently in the process of accessorizing their guest bathroom and home office. I have SO many more pics I want to share, but I am waiting to reveal them until the rooms are painted. That… and the fact that I get so caught up in doing my thing when I’m over there that I usually forget about taking pics until I’m on my way home. Someday soon though!!  


As we work on the final accessories for the guest bathroom and office, we started our plans for the major elements of the master bedroom and bathroom. Both are really large spaces and have been patiently waiting their turn for some love. Here is the current state of both rooms:

Nyberg Master Bed and Bath.jpg

Clearly, they have both have so much potential! We decided to stick with the neutral color palette that we have been using throughout the rest of their house. They also have a gray backsplash and gray floor tile in their bathroom that further reinforced that decision.  


As I’ve mentioned before, I usually find one thing thing that I fall head over heels in love with that ends up driving the design decisions for the rest of the room. In this case, it was the bedding. I had been eyeballing it for months and I knew that it would look gorgeous in the Nyberg house. My clients loved it too… and so then began the domino effect of picking out all of the other furnishings. (Disclaimer: This pic of the bedding was one I took at the store with no intention of it being used on a design board... but it turned out I liked it better than the pic online.)

DB - Nyberg Master Bedroom 2.jpg

Finding furniture for this space proved to be a little tricky at first. I quickly learned that California king beds aren’t nearly as easy to come by as a regular king size bed. I looked at quite a few bedroom sets at our local furniture stores and none of them that I liked had a matching Cali King size bed. Luckily, that didn’t end up being as big of a deal once I decided I’d rather not have the bed be part of the same set anyway. I wanted a bit more variety, and Cali King beds are plentiful online. I’m really excited about the contrast of the fabric headboard. I also decided to think outside the box with their dressers. Rather than using one tall chest on one wall and one wide chest on another, we are going to put two tall chests together on the same wall. I had two reasons for this: 1) I like the visual size that the two pieces together fill up in such a large space, and 2) if I would have chosen a wide dresser I would have needed another large piece of art above it which would have make the room too busy with the other art we’ll have in there.  


Aside from the bed, the other main focal area of the room will be a desk and chair. I debated between this set-up and doing two armchairs with a small accent table. That option seemed a bit trickier to fill up a gigantic wall with decor. Above the desk we are going to put eight large frames (with lots of white matting so it doesn’t get too busy).  This area of the room is quickly becoming my fave. I like the raw wood with the grays in the bedding. It helps warm it up, and to pull that in I chose I cool bench to go at the end of the bed that has a really pretty woven top that brings in some beautiful texture, too. The third area where I am using the natural wood is above the bed. The iron branches have wood discs that resemble leaves. So cool!

DB - Nyberg Master Bedroom 2B.jpg

We had one other corner of the room that was feeling left out. I decided to go with a floor mirror and a smaller accent chair that I think will fill up that space really well. I picked out silk curtains that will frame the two large windows and I think the subtle shimmer and shine from the fabric will look beautiful.


Here is the floor plan to see where everything will play out:  

Floor Plan - Master Bedroom.jpg

So, that is the plan for the master bedroom! Which part of the design is your favorite?? Stay tuned next week to see the plans for the master bathroom!