Part II of the Green Mountain Project is here!  If you missed Part I, the reveal of the main floor, you can check out the blog post!  After tackling the living room, kitchen/dining area, and the entryway, we moved upstairs.  We completed the guest bedroom, the master bedroom, a home office (that I didn’t get pics of… boo!), and a gift wrapping station.  A gift wrapping station?! Yes!! And it’s just as cool as it sounds! :)

GMPP2Vertical Collage.jpg

First up is the guest bedroom.  My client had a few fun, mismatched pieces of red furniture, but I was struggling to pull it all together… until I decided to forgo the red furniture altogether and borrow some furniture and bedding from her other rooms.  The nightstands and bedding were in her master bedroom, but I felt like the size of the nightstands fit this space better than their current space. The bedding was super fun to work with and gave the space a little bit of an eclectic, fun vibe so I played that up with the mix of artwork and the colorful chair (that we stole from a different room!).  By rearranging the space and making the wall with the window the focal wall, we maximized the curtains and completely softened up this bedroom. We used a combination of solid curtains and sheers. They added so much softness and subtle texture to the room… the pictures don’t do them justice at all. But the before and afters do. :) Click on the arrow to see what this room looked like before!

GMPP2-2Vertical Collage.jpg

Next up is the master bedroom.  By the time I raided this room for its bedding and nightstands, we were basically working with a blank slate.  This room is pretty good sized and I convinced my client to get new bedroom furniture that would do the size of the room justice.  I also wanted this room to feel light and bright, so that’s what we did - light furniture, light bedding, and a few bright pops of color!

GMPP2-3Vertical Collage.jpg

Click the arrow to see the before pics of this room!

GMPP2-4Vertical Collage.jpg

And now for the wrapping station!  This was too much fun. This little loft area was originally designed to be a small office space, but since we had already converted an extra bedroom into a home office, there was no need for another space to serve the same purpose.  My client came up with the idea of creating a little gift wrapping station here… and I knew I had finally met my soul sister! Ha! We share a mutual love for beautifully wrapped gifts (#beforeIhadchildren) and handmade papers, so this was such a treat to design.  

GMPP2-5Vertical Collage.jpg

We started with a large table to have room to wrap, a few cabinets to store #allthethings :), and finished it off with her own personal display of handmade papers that can serve as artwork or wrapping for a last minute gift.  So. Much. Fun.

GMPP2-6Vertical Collage.jpg

So that wraps up The Green Mountain Project.  What a treat to get to design a home from top to bottom… and what a treat for my client to have a home designed from bottom to top!  The only bummer about this whole thing is that it’s complete… and I’m not ready to be done! :) I love the friendships that form during the design process, and I can only hope that this project won’t be the last with this sweet client!