We are Basil + Tate.  

Of course, those aren’t our names, but we are two sisters obsessed with beautiful spaces.  We are an interior design biz based in Denver, CO that is committed to helping our clients create gorgeous spaces that make them happy and want to share it with their tribe.  We value family and take pride in the fact that we can put the hours into making a home beautiful so that our clients can pour their hours into their family.  We believe that there is more to life than material things. Really, we do. The important things in our lives come first... and any leftover time and money can be for pretty things. And that’s okay.  Oh, and we also have a thing for nice people, so they are the only kind that we work with. 



So where did the name basil + Tate originate?

Basil + Tate is a combination of Jackie’s babies (one pup and two humans). Basil is her Yorkie and Tate is a combination of her kids’ names.