The Georgelos Project - Family Room Reveal


I am super excited to finally show you one of my favorite spaces to date! The Georgelos living room underwent a major facelift this summer to modernize and brighten the space. This was one of my favorite kind of projects… ya know… the kind where I get to pick out everything! The Georgelos fam moved into this house a few years ago, renovated the heck out of it, and now they’re ready for their furnishings to match their beautiful renovations. The family room topped the to-do list, so we tackled it first. They had some really nice pieces from their last house, but as the story always goes… they just didn’t work well in this house.

DSC_0062_final web.jpg

One of their biggest goals for this room was for it to seat their family of four comfortably - like the kind of comfortable that they could all cuddle up together and watch movies. (Side note: They are one of the cutest and sweetest families you’ll ever meet!) That meant that we needed to tackle the sofa situation first, and nothings says ‘come one, come all, let’s cuddle up’ like a sectional does. #amiright They love navy as much as I do, so when I found this navy sectional, it was pretty much a no-brainer. However, I wanted more for this space than just a sectional shoved up against a wall… so we moved it away! Not only did that help ‘center’ the room around the fireplace, it gave the drapes room to show off, AND it gave us space to add a sofa table! One little move… so many possibilities! The sofa table offered a great spot for a lamp and some valuable (but stylish!) space for storing family pics and photo albums.


Once the sofa was chosen, the rest of the room could start shaping up. I added one accent chair to help balance the room and add a little extra seating. The gorgeous area rug helped frame all of the seating and draw your eye to the center of the room.

DSC_0023_final web.jpg

Perhaps the biggest challenge of this space was accessorizing. They had a lot of shelves. This can either be a recipe for disaster or a great opportunity to add some personality to the room. With this many shelves, it’s really easy to do too much - and that would have taken away from the simple look of this room we were trying to achieve. So, I overbought (like I always do when it comes to accessories) and played with the pieces until I felt I had it right.  One of the best things to remember when accessorizing shelves like these is to keep the majority of the pieces neutral and then add in a few pops of color.  That way it doesn’t look so busy.

Georgelos 2.png

And since the shelves naturally had a lot going on, I wanted to keep the artwork on the wall simple so that it wasn’t competing for attention from the bookshelves.  We found this set of prints that served that purpose well - they added some color but not clutter.  Navy and neutrals always seems to kind of have a coastal vibe anyway, so these abstract prints of the ocean played on that without making it feel like we needed seashells and a bucket of sand on the coffee table.  :)

DSC_0060_final web.jpg

Last, but certainly not least, was the wall color.  We wanted light, bright, and nearly white, and I think we *nailed* it!  They ended up painting their entire house this color, and it looks amazing!  Just enough color to make their woodwork pop, but light enough that it brightened up dark hallways!  Paint is magical like that.  

Well, I feel like I may be sounding like a broken record, but I seem to hit the jackpot with my clients *every* damn time.  The Georgelos family was no exception.  They were a *dream*, and I can’t wait to keep working my way through their beautiful home!  Next up… the kitchen! 

But first, in classic Basil + Tate reveal form, here is a before and after of the space:

IMG_2978_final web.jpg
DSC_0007_final web.jpg

Wall color: Athena from Benjamin Moore