The Blair Project


when two became one: modern + rustic

I have had not only the honor of helping turn this house into a home, but I've been lucky enough to watch this amazing couple grow into a family.  In 2017, we gave their living room a facelift by adding both modern and rustic elements to their existing sofa and loveseat to help bring some of their personality to their new home.   Later that year, we moved on to update their master bedroom to help it flow with the rest of their home better and soften it up a bit.  Clearly the magic worked because a few months later they called to ask if I would design their nursery for them for their baby girl due in August of 2018!  Ha!  We have had a blast working through each of these spaces, but Baby H's nursery may have taken the cake!  


Nursery Completed: JULY 2018

Master Bedroom Completed: NOVEMBER 2017

Living Room Completed: FEBRUARY 2017